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The cheat for the Scavenger hunt!


Sorry, I moved the Rockhopper tracker and the Cadence to another Page!


It Dose Work, Well I hope it works, when he’s here, but I’ll have to look and see! It Updates By the minute. So it might be a little behind, but it should be right. Yeah, I know it says 2006. Because thats when Jc4×4 made it.

Okay, Rockhopper is back with a Scavenger hunt. Click the icon next to the Mod sign to start looking.

The 1st boat is at the is at the dock.

The 2nd boat is at the Cove

The 3rd boat is at the Mine Shack

The 4th boat is at the Coffee Shop

The 5th boat is in the Window at the pool (cave)

The 6th boat is in the Pet Shop

The 7th Boat is at the Ice berg

The last boat the 8th one, is at the beach

There is one catalog cheat, in the Rockhopper catalog

Also don’t forget about the stage it came back, there’s not much but just a few new things in the catalog.

Please Post a Comment on What you think!


Have Fun, until next time… Wadle on!



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