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I’m Back! ( and Rockhopper’s in Walt Disney World! )

Hello Penguins,

I’m back from Sacramento and Sanfrisico! I know you missed some posts that Billybob made, I could post them but it would take a lot of time, so here is the link to see them! ( click here to go! ) Here is what Billybob said, Plus Penguins get paid starting yesterday and I got my first pay check in via penguin mail today! You should have too! 

Hello Penguins!

We’ve heard from some of you who have had the chance to meet Rockhopper in Florida and we really appreciate that you are sharing the experience! Here’s what some of you have said:

“I’m always looking for him in Club Penguin but now I got to meet him in real life!”

“Meeting him was awesome and the blue penguin was really funny.”


For those of us who can’t be there, we really appreciate that you’re writing to us to let us know what it’s like!

Until then…Waddle on!




😀 😀 🙂

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