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Reviewed By You

Hello Penguins,

if you haven’t notcied, I hae made many banner for the site! I mad a page for you to go to to get the codes for them! ( click here to go! ) Also, on the clubpenguin blog, they did the very first reviewed by you penguins! Don’t forgot that the explorer party start tomorrow!! If you go to the page with the codes, you can take the codes and put them on your site for free! Just give credit to me. Plus, we NEED hits!! So just com on and keep check’n back! Now for what BillyBob said!

Hello Penguins!

Today is the first time that Reviewed by You is here on the blog! We asked this question in the Club Penguin Times on May 28:There’s a party coming up in Club Penguin. Tell us your favorite party memory! 

We got a lot of awesome answers – it’s always hard to pick just one – but we thought this one was very cool:

Ever have a favorite party you just don’t want to end? That’s how I felt about the Water Party! Club Penguin can make parties into anything! I remember how that crab broke the glass, allowing water onto the island. Penguins didn’t know what to do! So, we got a hose, a couple of inflatable animals, and we started a water party! Wow!

Thanks, Vendiagram1!
There’s a lot of fun information about older parties and lots of other events inside the Yearbooks! They’re in the Book Room (upstairs in the Coffee Shop). 

Your new question: Tell us about your favorite adventure in Club Penguin!

You can answer the Reviewed by You questions in the comments – remember to keep your answer between 50 – 75 words! We’ll post some and then choose our very favorite to be featured on the blog next week. 

Until then…Waddle on!



😀 🙂

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