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Reviewed By You

Hello Penguins,

The Sensi’s visit has been conformed, He’s coming July 3-5, unfortinetly, you gotta be a Ninja ( Black Belt ) to see him! Because he’l be in the Secret Ninja Hideout. 😦 Luckily, I’m a ninja! Here are some Pictures of his upcoming visit!

Sensi Visit&

Sensi visit 2Next, Todays 101 Days of Fun thing to do is……Pretend to sink the Ice Berg, get your buddies and turn light blue and dance to look like there’s water on the ‘berg! Also, I made a new page called “Pins”. You can see all the pins there ever has been in CP. ( click here to go! ) That’s all for today, here’s what BillyBob said!

Hello Penguins!
The team loved hearing about your favorite music in Club Penguin last week! All the responses were awesome — here’s one that we liked a lot:

Puffyjc said:
My favorite music in Club Penguin has to be the music played at Music Jam 08.From pop to hip-hop, there was music for everyone. I had a great time playing with my all-time favorite band, The Penguin Band and taking center stage and pretending I was actually in a band! We also made our own music with DJ3K,a game launched for the party, which was also very cool.

music.jpgThanks, Puffyjc!
Some of you have been asking about Sensei’s upcoming visit, so we wanted to ask: What’s your favorite part of training to be a ninja?

Leave your comments and we’ll pick an answer to feature on next week’s blog! Try to keep your answers between 50 – 75 words. That way, we’ll have room to show more of them. 

Until then…Waddle on!




😀 🙂

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