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Ruby and the Ruby Cheats

Hello Penguins,

Ruby and the Ruby has returned to the stage! This post is the cheats for it! Here’s a screen shot of the play!

screen shot of play with cheats

First, Here’s how to get the ruby pin! 

How to get the Ruby Pin

first, click on the file cabinet in the office

the file storeage

Next, Click on the lamp on the desk near the front

the lamp

Third, Click on the garbage can in the alley. ( look toward the left back ) 

the trash can

fourth, click on the book, on the same table as the lamp

the book

fifth, click on the flower vase on the table in the living room. ( look more towards the left from the trash can) 

the flower vase

sixth, click on the painting on the wall, which reveals a safe.

me by the painting

now, finaly after you click on the painting, click on the combination lock, which reveals the ruby!

me by the safe

the ruby pin

now click ont he ruby, and click yes, and you got it! 

the ruby

Here’s what it looks like on you!

me with the ruby

That’s what I’m wearing right now! Now for the cheats in the costume trunk!

The Costume Trunk Cheats

There’s two cheats! 

click on the little thing above the door to get the dark detective’s coat!


drag down the text for a really cool background!

Background cheat

There’s a funny thing in the play! I got a picture of it!

puffle traped in train

The yellow Puffle is traped in the sky train! LOL 😀

That’s all for right now! It will be moved to a page later today! ( click here to view page!


Until then…Wadle on!




😀 🙂

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