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3,000 hits party today!!!!! ( and color vote! )

Hello Penguins,

today’s our 3,000 hits party!!! It’s today!!!!! Not tomorrow, but TODAY!!!!! Don’t forget it starts 9:00 A.m., 12:00 P.M Esetern! If you haven’t asked your parents what time it is for you, do so! I made it so that nobody could mise out. It should be in a reasinable time! Also today, we get to vote for the new color!!!! I want maroon, what do you want?

Here’s some pics from the voting both, the one below is the voteing both!

voting both color vote

I wanted maroon! Here’s what it looks like!

vote maroon

thanks for voting

the results are out Thursday, Agust 6th in the newspaper! I think lavender is going to win sadly! 😦 I think it’s just another purple, but you might like it. 

In the Plaza and town, there’s a sign that will take you to vote, take a look

color vote invite

vote sign plaza

vote sign town

you also send postcards saying which color to vote for! 

lavender postcard

Aqua postcard

vote maroon postcard

Don’t forget the party’s on Powderball starting at the dock, the dock changed again! It’s suposed to look like the skii village! Look

skii vilage

dock 2

So don’t forget!!!!! It’s TODAY! Not tomorrow!!!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!!! See you there!


Until then…Wadle on!




😀 🙂

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