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Series 4 Treasure Book!!!

Hello Penguins

Today, Club Penguin released the series 4 treasure book! I knew about it for a while, you probibly too, but club penguin finally released the book in the view the treasure book section of the toys! Here’s the pics!

cover of series 4 treasure book!

page 1 series 4 treasure book

on this page there’s the..

Fire Striker

Green Sunglasses

Life guard shirt

Life ring

Blue Snorkel

Sport Bikini

and Blue Flippers

page 2 series 4 treasure book!

On the 2nd page, there’s the..

Park Ranger Hat

Hiking Backpack

Beige Explorer Outfit

Hiking boots

Fishing hat

Black sunglasses

Fishing Rod

Fishing Vest

And Messenger bag

page 3 series 4 treasure book!

On the 3rd page, there’s the…

Fish Costume

Yellow Flippers

Puffle Bandana

eye patch

and Light house shirt

page 4 series 4 treasure book!

On the 4th page, there’s the…

Bee Antena

Bee Wings

Bee Costume

Feary Wig

Feary Wings

Feary Costume

page 5 series 4 treasure book!

On the 5th page, there’s the…

Rad Scientist wig

Rad Scientist costume

Frankenpenguin Hat

And the Frankenpenguin Costume

Exclusives series 4 treasure book!

Now for the Exclusives!

There’s the…

Burgundy Beanie

Green Peacoat

Canvas Rocker Hat

Dark Denim Jacket

Fuzzy Wrist Bands

and one of my favorites, which I think is really cool,

The Canvas Cloud Shoes!

Comment what you think! I think it’s the best treasure book yet! No hidden items yet, I haven’t found any! Here’s a poll on what your favorite treasure book!

Until then..Wadle on!


😀 🙂

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