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Club Penguin isue 200 & Reviewed by you!

Hello Penguins,

First, club penguin wrote the 200 isue was written today!!!!!! Also, the newspaper released some really cool cheats, check it out!

Page A2 200 isue

We get our very own jetpacks!! Also, Gary will be on the island!! I’ll try to get a better gary tracker! I’ll check if CPcheats.info got their online tools back! If so, check the word”CPcheats.info” a couple words back for a link! If it’s not a link by tomorrow, they didn’t fix it!:( Here’s the whole news paper!

Cover of 200 isue

Page A2 200 isue

Page A4 200 ISUE

Pae B1 200 isue

Page B3 200 isue

Page C5 200 isue

Page C7

Today’s 101 Days of Fun thing to do is….What kind of sunglasses does Aunt Artic Where? Find out by moving your mouse around page B5 to find out! Then Tell 5 friends! Don’t forget to check my site for the Festival of Flights cheats! I can’t wait for it! That’s it for today! Now for what Happy77 said!

Greetings Penguins!

Are you as excited as I am? Festival of Flight starts tomorrow. It’s going to be pretty amazing to have Club Penguin floating in the air.

Last week we asked you about your ideas for how you might help Gary lift the island. Lots of cool ideas came in. Here are some from Limeg6 who said:

There is a lot of ways we can help Gary. These are the ways I will be using! First I will blow up balloons with the Super Helium. Next I will use my propeller to lift Club Penguin off the ground! Then I will fill up hot air balloons. I would tie balloons around everything! I will tie a balloon to the Iceberg and everywhere!

Thanks! You’ll have to let us know tomorrow what you think about the solution Gary came up with…

Flight.jpgThe party will go from August 14 – 18 and then on the 20th (Friday) you’ll find a brand new, never before seen play at the Stage! It’s called Underwater Adventure…. This week, we’d really love to know: If you could write a script for an Underwater Adventure, what would it be about?

Let us know what you think of the Festival of Flight tomorrow…(and if you think the clouds look at all like cotton candy).

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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