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Sport Catalog Surprise!

Hello Penguins,

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. 😦 I go back to school on Wednesday. But, my school gets out really early, in the like the last week of may or first week of June! We also get every holliday of! Well, Club Penguin is coming out with a new snow and sports catalog on Friday! They  haven’t said anything about it until now!! They finally came out with a new one, the last new one was back in May!! I will try to get the cheats as fast as possible. Today’s 101 Days of Fun thing to do is…..Turn you igloo into a superhero HQ and recruit a bunch of penguins who are eager to save the day! Your teams first task is to offer to help 10 penguins in need of help. 101 Days of Fun is almost over! It’s already the 82 day!! I liked the festival of flights, I don’t know about you! I think the fall fair is coming up, I think it’s gonna be here next time Rockhopper comes! Comment if you think so too! I finally finished Ferett100’s page! ( Click here to visit! ) It’s got all is info! Check it out! That’s it for now, now for what BillyBob said!

Hello Penguins!

I’ve got something to show you! A new Snow and Sport catalog comes out on Friday – It’s full of new gear like football stuff and cool cheerleader wigs. The team’s been sort of hush-hush about it but I let them know I wanted you to see it first…so they gave me this:

FootballHelmetsSketch.jpgI thought it was pretty awesome! What do you think?

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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