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101 Days Done ( & Fair ends soon! )

Hello Penguis,

Well, today’s the last 101 days of fun activity day!! 😦 I can’t belive it! I hope they do it again next year! Comment on this site and say what your favortie thing was yourself! Mine was when ever we got to vote for something on the CP blog! Well, today’s 101 Days of Fun thing to do is….Hold a iggy party, and share your favorite 101 activity, then tell us what you enjoyed best on the “What’s New?” Blog! That’s it for the 101 Days of Fun!! The fair ends tomorrow, I hope you got all the things you want, cause Rockhopper and the fair ends tomorrow! The new penguin tails is out! Here’s the cover! I’m searching for the SWF file! I’ll post it in this post when I get it!

penguin tales 09

Congrates to Chewydr, Pamelin40, Myndynha, and 4884lune!! 😉 That’s it for now! Now for what BillyBob said!

Hello Penguins!

It’s the last day of 101 Days of Fun and today we’d love to hear from you about the creative adventures that you and your buddies do all the time all over the island – What’s one activity that you think other penguins around the island would enjoy doing as well?

Even though the 101 days are done, we got such great feedback with the offline activities that the team’s working to keep ’em coming!! We’re going to be updating that part of the website and we’ll have more offline activities really soon.

moust.jpgIn Other News: Make sure you earn tickets & collect as many prizes as you can because The Fair party’s done Sept. 13! I gotta get myself a moustache…and quick!

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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