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Sensei Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Hello Penguins,

I found a link that lets you play CP since the CP site is down!

Click here to go!

Here’s a pic of CP, it’s weird!


Well, Here’s the cheats on the scavenger hunt!

scavenger hunt

First, click on the flame at the top of the screen!

The Flame

First, go to the ski lodge and click on the log in the fire!

ski lodge

Then go to the book room and click on the candle!

book room

then, go to the puffle shop and click on the black puffle!

black puffle

Next, go to the mine, and click on the lantern!

The Mine!

After that, go to the Pizza Parlor, and click on the hot sauce bottle!

pizza parlor

Then, go to the cove, and  click on the twig in the big fire!


Then, go to the beacon and click on the jet pack!


Then, for the finall place, go to the Dojo Courtyard, and click on the lantern to the left!

Dojo Courtyard

Then click claim prize and click yes!

Fire Pin

It’s really cool!

Here’s the ninja hideout! If your a member, wear the ninja mask, the ninja outfit, and the cloud waver braclets, wave, and then a cool thing happens!

Ninja Hideout

The sensei is back in all servers I think! Here’s what you look like with the pin! I’m wearing my sensei background again!

me with fire pin

That’s it for now! Comment what you think! I think it’s weird!

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂


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