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Series 4 toys update!

Hello Penguins,

I was searching around and I found some more stuff on the series 4 stuff! ( Thanks to Lux1200 for the pics! ) Here’s the pics for the update!

Series 4 Plush

series 4 plush2

Sensei Plush (New!)

series 4 plush1

Ninja Plush (New!)

Fiery Plush.

Yellow Fish Plush.

Mad Scientist Plush.

Frankenpenguin Plush (returned from previous series)

Shipmate Plush (returned from previous series)

Series 4 Mix ‘N’ Match

series 4 mix n match4

series 4 mix n match5

Camper and Fisher Mix ‘N’ Match.

series 4 mix n match3

series 4 mix n match8

Lifeguard and Swimmer Mix ‘N’ Match.

series 4 mix n match2

series 4 mix n match7

Fiery Penguin and Mad Scientist Mix ‘N’ Match.

series 4 mix n match1

series 4 mix n match6

Herbert and Klutzy Mix ‘N’ Match.

Series 2 White Puffle Plush

white puffle plush

Club Penguin added the White Puffle Plush to there line of Series 2 Puffles!

Club Penguin Booster Box’s (Card Jitsu)

series 1 booster box

Series 1 Booster Box. Includes:

  • 7 Cards Per Pack (5 Game Cards, 1 Power Card & Card Code)

dojo booster box

Dojo Collector Box (New)! Includes:

  • 24 Game Cards
  • 4 Code Cards (Unlock Items Online)
  • 3 “Customize Your Penguin” Game Cards
  • 4 Foil Power Cards
  • 3 “Customize Your Penguin” Sticker Cards

series 2 card jitsu deck

Series 2 Card Jitsu Value Deck! Includes:

  • 23 Game Cards
  • 3 Code Cards (Unlock Online Cards)
  • 2 Sticker Sheets

gold foil card1

gold foil card2

This Special Gold Foil Card will add 5 Cards to your Online Deck and upgrade your ninja belt by one level!

sensei card

Sensei Card Jitsu Card. Power: 12 Snow.

ninja card

Ninja Card Jitsu Card. Power: 12 Water.

ninja suit card

invisible Ninja Suit Card Jitsu Card. Power: 5 Fire.

herbert and klutzy card

Herbert and Klutzy Card Jitsu Card. Power: 12 Fire.

penguin band card

Penguin Band Card Jitsu Card. Power: 9 Fire.

Those are the new Club Penguin Toys and Card Jitsu Cards. More Club Penguin Toys will be coming out soon!

Comment what you think! I can’t wait to get the Frankenpeguin, ship mate, sensei, and ninja!

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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