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Weird CP Glitch!

Hello Penguins,

I found this cool glitch with CP. Right now you can log in as two penguins at the SAME time and that message won’t apear “Multiple log in’s detected!”. Just open CP in two diffrent tabs and go to the log in screen, log in as your penguin and a diffrent one or something and there you go! Become a ninja by versing each other, do what you want! When CP fixes this, I got another way too, don’t worry! 😉

1. You will need Apple Safari ( which I recomend, I use it! ), or some browser that can open tabs

2. Open up CP in a new window

3. Open up CP in a tab in The same window

4. Right click on the tab bar, and press “Refresh all” or what ever your browser says

5. Both tabs will refresh and load CP at the exact same time

6. Log into CP normally with any penguins you want

7. Make sure you go at the same server with both penguins

8. That’s all! Mett each other, buddy them, send postcards, become a ninja!

I hope you enjoy this! Here’s pic of me with my friends acount.

two penguins at once

Comment if you liked it!! 😀

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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