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The Halloween Party Started Early!!

Hello Penguins,

The halloween party started early! Here’s the cheats

First hidden item is in the plaza!

hidden item 1

Then the next is in the Haunted House!

pumpkin head cheat

the 3rd hidden item is in the haunted house again, only on the other side.

scarcrow outfit

Here’s the whole haunted house!

haunted house

Now, here’s the scavenger hunt cheats!

first, go to the Ski Lodge and click on the chocolate bar

scavenger hunt 1

then go to the dock and click the candy corn

scavenger hunt 2

then, go to the Pet Shop and click a lollipop

scavenger hunt 3

next, go to the cove and click the wrapped candy

scavenger hunt 4

then, after that, go to the cave, and click on the carved pumpkin

scavenger hunt 5

next, go to the soccer pitch and click on the candy cube

scavenger hunt 6

then go to the forest, and click on the candy apple

scavenger hunt 7

for the last one, go to the mine, and click on the long wrapped candy

scavenger hunt 8

now click “Claim Prize” and get your background

claim prize


The here is how you get into Gary’s Secret Lab!

First, go to the mine, and click on the lamp, then walk through where it opens!

entrance to the lab

Here is the Lab!

secret lab

And, here’s a pic of me on that board.


Here is some funny pics that I took during the halloween!


giant pumpkin

& the last one

dumb stories!

Comment if you like them!

Hope you enjoy the party! I love it! Here’s what I’m wearing.

me during halloween

happy halloween

Happy Halloween!

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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