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BillyBob E-mailed Chrisdog93 with some cool news!

Hello Penguins,

I was on Club Penguin Cheats | Club Penguin Codes and found a post about how BillyBob sent Chrisdog93 an e-mail. It has some cool news! Here is the new, thanks to Chrisdog93.

“Check this out, Billybob from the community blog sent me an email with some really important news! Yes, it’s about all the crazy stuff going on at the Dojo and Volcano!


Here’s what Billybob had to say in the email. It’s really exclusive! Check it out:

Sensei is bringing a new Ninja out of the darkness! His name is Ninja O Dark he will be a mascot of the three elements, this penguin will be the fire element!
He will teach everyone how to use the amulets to unlock the special powers coming soon!
Ninja O Dark has been seen on club penguin before many penguins will know him, but now he is known as the Ninja O Darkness or the ninja of fire! Because he will show us all the power of fire to come! Also there will be Ninja O Water and Ninja O Snow that are going to show the way of the other elements the power within!
Well hope that helps and you can post this on your blog if you want!
See Ya!……Waddle On!

That’s pretty amazing right?! We’re going to have 3 new Club Penguin mascots and we will be learning how to master the elements! It looks like we’re going to be mastering the element of fire first at the Volcano! What do you think about the Volcano?”

Cool huh, comment what you think.

Until then…Waddle on!




😀 🙂

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