Hello Penguins,

My birthday ( saeety3421 )  is coming up, if you want to donate something, here are the rules below us, but first, here are the rewards!


Note: Each credit from WordPress is NOT its own donation. How many you end up donating in the package is one donation. ( but don’t gift 1 credit every time just so you have more donations please 😀 ) I recommend if you’re doing more than 15, do 15 in one package. Each code or membership code is 1 donation.

1-3 donations: ( optional ) counts as 20 comments on the comment shop or I donate on your birthday/give you a code for coin code contest ect…

4-6 donations: ( optional ) counts as 50 comments on the comment shop or your on my blogroll/ post about you

7-9 donations: ( optional ) counts as 80 comments on comment shop or I make a page about you, post about you,  put you site on the blogroll, ( if not already up there/if you don’t have a blog, you become admin for a month ) and be your buddy for ever!

10+ Donations: counts as 120 comments on the comment shop, and surprise what ever, plus I post about you, make a page about you, be my buddy forever, and admin on the site for a month ( if you want  )

That’s the rewards! If you give me enough donations, I might even give you a Series 3 coin code! See you later! Now for the directions on how to donate!

Things Accepted

Any Series Coin Code ( 1 or 3 prefered because I have most of the stuff from 2, but 2’s are okay )

6, 1, or 12 month membership codes

WordPress Credits



Rare Penguins ( non and member )

penguins ( non and member )

please nothing else

( I don’t have a papal, sorry 😦 )

How to give codes for membership, coin, rare penguins, and penguins

For codes of memberships, rare penguins, or just a penguin, and coins, please leave a comment with the word bee in it and the code at the bottom. Do as many codes, and penguins you want in one comment. It will be marked as spam, but make sure you spell it right! It’s spelled bee. You can be logged into WordPress! ( Just not my wordpress account, if you some how know my password )   ( I know I don’t like spam, but e-mail often doesn’t work for me, it’s okay, but dont’ spam just cause! ) and nobody else will see it!

For WordPress Credits

First, log into WordPress, you must have a account. Go to the sidebar and click “Upgrades” then go to gift. Buy credits, or if you have credits, then gift credits at the max, 15 credits, I really want a new blog domain, it’s 14.97 a year. Then once ready, type in the username Saeety3421 or put in the e-mail . Copy and past it as it looks so it works right.

That’s all, Thanks for your donation!! Anything and everything makes me happy! Donations will be accepted till July 31 in July every year as birthday donations rewards double as a birthday one, after that, there just donations, you get a special prize for donating as a birthday gift! Don’t feel the urge do donate if you don’t want to. Please Please follow this page, don’t do anything it doesn’t say to do/not to do so the wrong person gets it, and there are no mistakes! Thanks!!! 😀

until then…waddle on!


😀 🙂

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