Mission 3, Case of the missing coins

Talk to the guy with the spinner hat.

After you talk to him, he accidently shuts the vault and he locks it. The problem is, is that he forgets the combination!!!

Go to the staff room.

Once in the room keep going right until you reach the sofa.

Pick the Floppy disk and the paper clip.

Go to the computer now. Put the floppy disk in the slot. Make sure you press the ‘on’ button on the computer.

Click on ‘My files’ on the computer.

Now click on the combination_number file.

The comebination is different each time you do this mission. But here is what I can help you with.

a)N=North ( Top )

b)S=South ( Bottom )

c)E=East ( Right )

d)W=West ( Left )

There is a mini game called Ice-Bricks in the mission on the comeputer that has nothing to do with the mission. The game features 10 levels. Play it if you would like.

Once you get the combination, go downstairs and enter the combination.

Now, go into the vault.

Click on the money. Now its on the roof.

You will get a phone call, its G. and he wants to meet you at the HQ.

Once you get the talk to him.

Look at the video that he will show you. Then go back to G.

Click on the drawer and pick up the gold key in the top left corner.

Go to the staff room of the Gift Shop again.

Open the door that leads to the roof with the key.

Open your spy phone and get the wrench.

Open the “powa” box box with the wrench.

Put the paper clip in the box then the box will explode.

There is a piece of white fur in the drain. Pick it up and put it into your inventory.

Go to the vault again downstairs.

Click on the money again.

Go to the HQ and give the mysterious fur to G.

Have your Night Vision goggles ready, if you dont have them, there is a flashlight thing on a desk under a map in the HQ.

Go to the town and talk to the crying penguin.

Go into the Night Club and turn on your nightvision goggles or the flashlight (by the way night vision goggles are better and look cooler.)

Now go to the secret entrance of the boiler room. ( Which is one of the speakers)

Click on the fuse box (which is the tan colored box hanging on the wall) when you find it.

Make sure you read the instructions before trying to complete the puzzle.

For this puzzle you have to make all the lights turn green. Sorry Im not able to help you because the box will always have a random order to it.

After your done figuring out the puzzle the power will come back on in the nightclub. Now talk to the penguin that was crying earlier.

Now go to the HQ and talk to G.

Grab the medal and a thank you card after the mission. WTG :)

This video was made by Cinos 11

  1. Holly
    June 25, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    The fuse box is sooooooooooooo anyoing

  2. June 25, 2009 at 2:21 PM

    I know Holly, I the trick is to just push random numbers. 😀 or just go to G and ask for him to do it, but then you don’t get your prize!


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