Mission 8, mysterious Tremors

Here’s the latest mission that’s out, “Mysterious Tremors” –

Having trouble figuring out the mission? Well here’s a walkthrough for you!

  1. Talk to G, then head out to investigate at the Dock. You’ll bump into Herbert and Klutzy. Scary isn’t he?
  2. Make sure you pick up Klutzy’s lamp when they go underground, then follow them into the tunnel that has been made with their giant drill.
  3. Have a look around the tunnel (you might need to turn on Klutzy’s lamp to help you see in the darker tunnels.
  4. Then go back up to where you started in the tunnel and head out to the Town. You’ll see the pieces of map flying all over the place. Follow them, clicking on them each time they land!!
  5. Follow the map until you reach the Plaza. The map will land on a penguin’s newspaper. Chat to the penguin, and you’ll see that he would like a pizza, but he doesn’t want to lose his spot in the line for the stage.
  6. Of course, this will mean you’ll have to get him a pizza if you want the map! Talk to the chef and order a double meat and grey fish pizza. Hopefully you already had the common sense to do that.
  7. Give the penguin lining up the pizza, and ask for the newspaper in return. Take the piece of map out of it and stick the two items in your inventory.
  8. You’ll find that when you put the piece of map in your inventory, it will appear at the top of your screen, next to the map. Whenever you click on it, the words will pop up on the screen.
  9. Head over the the beach, and grab a piece of net from next to the lighthouse. Then go inside the lighthouse and pick up a box of balloons from the penguin on the stage. Finally, ask the penguin with the barrels of cream soda if you could take one, and add that to your inventory too. Watch it doesnt blow! You’ll need to get another one if it does.
  10. The next thing to do is to go to the Sports Shop, and pick up the box of pegs from next to the tent.
  11. Lol, this isn’t important but I bought myself an extra pizza!! lol! (mm delicious wigwams)
  12. Then go to the town and to the coffee shop. Offer to help the waiter clean up the biscuits.
  13. Click on one of the biscuits, and you’ll zoom in to help him put them in the jar. As a thankyou, he’ll give you a biscuit! (Dont eat this one, maybe save one for eating later)
  14. Then head over and talk to G. There will be another earthquake, and he’ll send you to investigate.
  15. Head out to the town, and you’ll find the other half of the map stuck on the Nightclub sign.
  16. You might need to use the flying puffle to help you get it down. Give it a cookie to make it do things for you. The puffle wont reach high enough so you’ll need a better hat for him. Go to the Gadget Room and grab the “something” hat… i dunno what it is… anyway the picture will help. 
  17. Add the hat to your inventory, then go to the town and put the hat on the green puffle. Now feed it a cookie.  (Dont worry, if you used up your other cookie you can go into the Coffee Shop and get another one.) The puffle will then give you the other piece of map. (YAY now we have 2 pieces!)
  18. Go to the Beach and grab the net. 
  19. Grab the wooden hammer next to the spanner from the Gadget Room. Dont get confused with the one next to it. This will be used for hauling the gift shop back up!! 
  20. Go to the Dock, and back under the tunnel. Now, using the pieces of map you found, follow the instructions from left to right on it to reach Herberts Hideout. You read the map like this – 
  21. Once you reach Herberts Hideout use your spanner in your spyphone to remove the pipe from the gift shop door. 
  22. Ok guys, here is where the barrel comes in handy. After you’ve taken away the pipe, take the barrel out and shake it. Once you’ve shaken it for a few seconds, and it is ALMOST shaken up, put the barrel down below the gift shop by clicking with it on the ground. Then it will explode and push the gift shop up. On my opinion, this step is not important, as you can use the helium balloon to pull up the gift shop anyway, but you can use the barrel instead of the balloon if you would like to. If that is the case, you will need to have done the next two steps before this one.
  23. Go to the Gadget Room and click on the helium tank. Go to G and ask if you can use the helium for your balloons. Grab the helium tank and combine it with the balloons to create a big blown up helium balloon ready to rescue the gift shop. 
  24. Rightio, here comes the big bit. Go to the town and place the helium balloon on the side of the shop. Very quickly, place the net under it, put in the tent pegs in on the corners and hammer then down with the hammer. The Gift Shop should fall back into place. If the balloon bursts just use another one.
  25. You’ll get a call from G to go and find Herbert and Klutzy. Once youre finished talking go back into the hole and find your way to the hideout using the map instructions again. The big drill is sitting there. You can get the wrench out of your spyphone and take the clog thingo wheel out of it, and you can give it to G when you finish the mission (it was stolen from the clock, remember?!)
  26. You’ll see that theres a new tunnel. Go through that to the Boiler Room and thats where you’ll find Herbert and Klutzy.
  27. Talk with him and you’ll find that hes ruined the boiler. You’ll get a call from G saying that the boilers got something wrong with it. Fix the boiler by playing a weird game where you have to join the pipes all the way down from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. 
  28. Once you have finished that, you’ll get a call from G saying that the boilers now fixed. (no thanks to him) and he wants to meet you at the HQ. Go there to finish off the mission and collect your medal.
  1. December 20, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    There is definately a lot to learn about this issue.
    I like all of the points you made.

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