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Hello Penguins,

Do you want you twitter, youtube, blog, site etc…club penguin related thing advertised here? Well now you can! I will make a special widget for you site and it will be put on the sidebar at the TOP! Here’s how it works, you give me something, or if I know you like, were good friends, I’m in your army, or you go to my school etc…, I’ll put your add up here and on the sidebar! Here’s for how long, how much it will take. ( please not it only takes 1 of these items to get the amount of years or months, if it’s coin codes, it’s the amount listed for the coin codes! If you want more time, just donate more! )

If you my friend, go to my school, I’m a admin on your site, and if I’m in your army, I might put your add up. ( Note: I might put it up if I’m in your army if it’s good! )


Free!!! 😀


Unlimited time!


3-5 series 1 or 4 coin codes, 2 12 month membership codes, enough* wordpress credits to get a domain or CSS for 4 years or more or a beta penguin. ( or if it’s like 1,000 days old or something. )


1-3 years ( depending on what you give me. 😉 )


2 series 1 coin codes, 4 series 4 coin codes, 1-2 12 month memberships, 3 series 3 coin codes or enough* wordpress credits to get a domain or CSS for a 2-3 years, or a rare penguin that’s 800 days old or more.


6 months


1 series 1 coin code, 2 series 4 coin codes, 2 series 3 coin codes, 6 month membership cards, enough* wordpress credits to get a domain or CSS for a year or a penguin that’s 500 days old or  more.


1 month


1 series 4 coin code, 2 series 2 coin codes, or  14.96 or less for  wordpress credits. Any penguin that’s 356 days old or more!


* will show you here how many wordpress credits you need to give.

*= for unlimited time: 59.88 for a domain for 4 years, any more and you will need to figure it out. 😦 😉

* for 1-3 years: for 3 years is 44.91 for a CSS or Domain for 3 years and for 2 is 29.94 for a CSS or Domain.

* for 6 months: 14.97 credits for a CSS or Domain for a year

* For a month: 14.96 credits or less.

If you want to give credits, follow the instructions below!

First, log into wordpress, you have to have account. Go to the sidebar and click “Upgrades” then go to gift. Buy credits, or if you have credits, then gift as many credits as you want! type in the username Saeety3421 or put in the e-mail . Copy and past it as it looks so it works right.

Now for the adds!


No adds yet! Be the first to get your add up! comment your code for coin codes or memberships, or a pass for a penguin in a comment with the word “BEE” and nobody else will see it! Or e-mail me at ! Thanks!

Until then…Waddle on!


😀 🙂

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