Pinkb4’s page!

Hello Penguins,

Pinkb4 has requested this page because she went to my 3,000 hits party! She also said she wanted the letters in pink. First off, here’s some info on her

Name: Pinkb4

Site: Pinkb4’s Awesome Club Penguin Cheats

Favorite Server: Likes them all

Faveorite color: Pink

Her outfit


Membership: 1 year ( 12 months )

Her Igloo:

( Picture coming soon! )

A picture of her and me:

Pinkb4 and me

She loves to come to my site! If you see her on CP, say Hi pink b four! That’s it for now!

Until then…Wadle on!


😀 🙂


Please note that Penguin Storm stuff does not and will not work! You don't need to leave a comment about that.

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